Protecting the global climate with local forests

Pina Earth offers high-quality carbon credits from local forests to turn pure stands into climate-resilient mixed forests

Why is the adaptation of our forests so important for climate protection?

Promotion of climate resilience


of EU biomass is now at risk of climate change.

central storage


of the EU's land area is forest. These forests absorb about one third of human carbon emissions.

Increase of biodiversity


of all terrestrial biodiversity is found in forests.

Would you like to finance your forest adaptation or make an effective climate contribution?

Pina Earth will help you

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What our customers say

Niklas Tauch, Liefergrün

"Liefergrün is a proud supporter of Pina Earth's regional forest adaptation projects. Our contribution makes forests climate-proof - right near our customers. In the future, we will continue to protect the climate with Pina Earth and make our contribution locally."

Marcus Gartenleitner,

"With Pina Earth, we have a partner that fits us perfectly. A modern, meaningful, German company that is operationally implementing one of the most important problems of our time with a win-win approach for everyone involved."

Lena Scharr,
Fokus Zukunft

"We are very happy about the great cooperation with Pina Earth. Through this cooperation, we can not only support this extraordinary project in Germany, but also expand the range of products for our customers with innovative, high-quality and regional climate protection projects."

Robert Ralph, Patch

"I’m happy that the partnership with Pina Earth complements our project portfolio with European projects to scale unified climate action. The team’s expertise in developing solutions targeted to local ecosystems made it easy for us to engage in this partnership."

Philipp von Lamezan, SQUAKE

"Enabling better and easier climate change mitigation is core to SQUAKE's mission. With Pina Earth as our partner, we can now offer regional climate action in Germany to our clients. I am very proud to have the opportunity to participate in such targeted climate solutions."

ZEIT as a guest at Pina Earth


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