Finance your forest adaptation through carbon credits

Pina Earth allows you to develop and sell carbon credits to support your forest adaptation efforts

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The benefits of a carbon project with Pina Earth

What other forest owners say

Maximilian von Rotenhan, BOSCOR

"The collaboration with Pina Earth is pleasant. We are in quick exchange and I look forward to further projects that we will tackle together."

Lorenz von Schintling-Horny

"With Pina, we can meet the challenges of climate change. We are therefore looking forward to working with Pina to convert our forest into a climate-resilient permanent forest. This will make us a role model for other forest owners and the next generation."

Thomas Schulz

"The communication with Pina Earth works flawlessly. Pina applied their concept perfectly to the local conditions of the forest."

Wiebke Krenzel-Burkhardt

"In the project with Pina Earth, we combine natural regeneration, sowing and planting. At the end of the project, our forest should be as structurally rich and colorful as possible."

Marko Eggers

"The audit process was straightforward and was very well prepared in advance by Pina Earth. The on-site implementation also went smoothly."

Christoph von Bülow

"Pina is supporting me in converting my forestry business from conventional management to a near-natural, climate-stable permanent forest."

Frequently asked

Are there participation criteria to be able to do a project with Pina Earth?

To carry out a joint project with Pina Earth, the following criteria must be met:

1. It is a private or corporate forest.

2. The project area that will be adapted within the next 5-10 years consists of at least 150 hectares.

3. You may carry out adaptation measures and commercially harvest timber on the forest area (e.g. because you are the owner or contractually commissioned to manage the area).

4. The people involved have the experience and skills to successfully implement the planned measures. Evidence of this can be, for example, training or relevant professional experience.

5. The same carbon sink performance may only be counted once. This means you may apply for carbon credits either through Pina Earth or through other programs, but not in parallel.

6. The project area must be in Germany.

7. The baseline condition should be heavily dominated by pine or spruce (> 70% share).

Is there enough demand for the carbon credits? Wo are the buyers?

The voluntary emissions market in which Pina Earth operates is currently growing strongly. The demand for regional carbon credits is particularly high and continues to grow. In order to achieve the optimal price for your certificates, Pina Earth has a network of diverse market participants (e.g. leading sustainability consultancies, platforms and end customers). Our end customers are sustainability-oriented companies that support climate protection projects to achieve their sustainability goals.

What are examples of recommended adaptation measures?

The goal of forest adaptation are stable, multi-layered mixed stands of climate-resilient tree species. For this purpose, after 30 years, at least 3 future-proof, site-appropriate tree species must be present on the certification area. The respective tree species must make up at least 5% and a maximum of 70% of the project area. In order to achieve this target state, typical project activities include measures for natural rejuvenation, the planting of diverse tree species and wildlife damage prevention.

When will I receive my first revenue?

You will receive additional revenue after the project has been launched and validated. From that point on, the volume of carbon credits from your project will be offered to buyers. In a joint meeting, we go through the payout model in detail before the project start.

Can I combine the project with government subsidy programs?

The combination with state support programs is generally possible. In contrast to a subsidy program, we offer a service that does not conflict with government subsidy programs. It should be noted that the certification must show that the costs of the project exceed the income (including subsidies).


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