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Case Study

Why long-term commitment is essential for climate action

Long-term partnerships are necessary to make forest adaptation feasible. In this article, we explain why.

Case Study

Pina Earth x SÜDVERS: Case Study

SÜDVERS supports Pina Earth's regional climate projects in a long-term commitment. In this case study, we explain why this has many advantages.

Case Study

Pina Earth x Kearney: Employee Retention with Impact

Employee gifts with impact: In this joint case study with the management consultancy Kearney, we show how employee gifts and climate action can go hand in hand - through an investment in climate protection projects.


Forest adaptation: One of our most important levers in the fight against climate change

In this article, we explain why forest adaptation is so important, what makes Pina Earth's climate protection projects special, and how an investment can look like.


Navigating Carbon Markets: 3 Things Sustainability Leaders Should Look for in High-Quality Climate Projects

Dive into our guide for insights on effective carbon projects, such as the role of strong baselines, a secure legal framework, and on-site project visits.


Pina Earth's Sustainability Report 2022

Besides our climate projects, our corporate strategy is also geared towards having a positive impact on people and nature. Take a look at our reporting for 2022.

Case Study

Pina Earth x trans-o-flex: Case Study

How can well-established companies take an effective climate action? With trans-o-flex, we provide an example for positive effects that a climate contribution can bring beyond carbon sequestration.

Case Study

Pina Earth x Earthly: Interview with Oliver Bolton

Earthly has developed its own assessment for carbon projects. Oliver Bolton, co-founder and CEO at Earthly, tells us why they decided to do so.

Case Study

Pina Earth x Fokus Zukunft: Case Study

How can we take responsibility for our climate with high-quality carbon credits? This case study with Fokus Zukunft shows how high-quality is defined - by us and our partners.


Carbon Credits: How They Work and Why They Matter

A starter's guide to understanding carbon credits and how they can move from targets to action.

Case Study

Pina Earth x Liefergrün: Case Study

How can emissions be captured where they are generated? In a joint case study, Liefergrün shows how they are making a climate contribution in local forests with Pina Earth.


Pina Earth x Boscor Group

We asked Maximilian von Rotenhan, CEO of the Boscor Group, about the necessity of forest adaptation and what the partnership with Pina Earth looks like.


Third-party audit complete

TÜV Nord Cert officially certified Pina Earth's climate projects, validating the comprehensibility and accuracy of our forest adaptation approach.


Pina Earth x Wald-Klimastandard

What is the Waldklima-Standard? Ronja Wolf provides answers to all the questions regarding the accreditation process of our forest adaptation methodology.


Interview with Robert Ralph from Patch

We asked Robert Ralph from Patch about the impact of climate projects, Patch’s role in the climate market, and how to engage customers in climate action.


$2.5M seed funding for Pina Earth

After being accepted into the highly competitive Y Combinator earlier this year, Pina Earth has now raised $2.5M from top-tier investors to make European forests climate resilient.


Y Combinator backs German climate-tech startup Pina Earth

The team was accepted into the highly competitive Y Combinator. The backing by Y Combinator includes a pre-seed investment of $500,000.


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