How Pina Earth makes forests future-proof

Our concept ensures effective climate protection

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THE Problem

4 out of 5 trees are acutely threatened by climate change

Pure forest stands are increasingly vulnerable to climate risks and thus release carbon. At least ~25% (>3 million ha) of German forests needs to be adapted.

THE solution

Forest adaptation to climate-resilient mixed forests

Adaptation measures such as planting resilient tree species or natural rejuvenation of the forest stand create climate-resilient mixed forests and store additional carbon.

The means

Carbon credits support sustainable forest management

A carbon credit is issued for each additional ton of carbon stored. The proceeds from the credit sale enable forest owners to finance their adaptation measures and companies to actively contribute to climate protection.

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Newest technology ensures high quality

Our approach reduces risks, increases transparency and ensures the effectiveness of our climate protection projects

Digital Twin

We create a digital twin of the forest using forest inventory data. This serves as the basis for subsequent simulations.

Simulation model

We use scientifically tested models to calculate natural forest development (baseline scenario) and planned adaptation measures (project scenario) under the effects of climate change.

External audit & generation of credits

The difference between the project and baseline scenarios results in the additional carbon sink performance and thus the number of carbon credits. The results are verified by independent third parties.

Clear criteria ensure effective emission reduction

Independent auditors

Testing and certification by renowned auditors such as TÜV NORD CERT.


Ensuring permanence following internationally established rules and through a buffer reserve.


Without income through carbon credits, forest adaptation would not be possible in this way.


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