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Invest in saving regional forests

Pina Earth develops local climate protection projects and offers high-quality carbon credits from forest adaptation projects

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Our projects transform threatened pure stands into climate-resilient, biodiverse forests

You finance Improved Forest Management (IFM) carbon removal projects.

The forest adaptation measures include

  • the planting of new, climate-resilient tree species

  • the natural rejuvenation of the forest stand

  • the protection of already existing diverse species

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Our certification partners

Certification according
to ISO 14064-2

TÜV NORD CERT is a long-standing validator and certifier of climate protection projects.

Partner of the
Ecosystem Value Association

Together, we are developing the first standard for forest adaptation projects in Germany.

Frequently asked

Does Pina Earth offer removal or avoidance credits?
Carbon removal credits describe a ton of CO2 which has been removed from the atmosphere. Examples include afforestation, direct air capture and biochar.

Carbon avoidance credits describe a ton of CO2 which has been avoided from being released into the atmosphere. Examples include renewable energy and forest protection.

Projects from Pina Earth consist largely of carbon removals, which comes from planting new trees. Meanwhile, Pina Earth also has a minor share of avoidance volumes, which come from decreased mortality rates of trees caused by climate change.
Which standard are Pina Earth projects developed under?
Pina Earth's forest adaptation projects are certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH according to the ISO 14064-2 standard. TÜV NORD CERT is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to validate and verify climate protection projects.

In addition, our forest adaptation method is currently in the accreditation process with the "Wald-Klimastandard" - the first German standard to certify forest ecosystem services.
Which projects type is Pina Earth?
There are three major categories for nature-based solutions: Forest protection, afforestation and improved forest management. Pina Earth’s projects fall into the category of improved forest management.

Forest protection is hardly applicable to Europe, as there is not much illegal deforestation taking place.

Afforestation plays an important role in climate change. However, Europe has a high population density and not many areas are available for impactful afforestation.

Meanwhile, improved forest management is highly important as 25% of the total forest (3 million hectares) need to be adapted in Germany alone. Turning endangered monocultures into climate-resilient, biodiverse forests is therefore an urgent task that Pina Earth focuses on and welcomes clients to join.
How does Pina Earth ensure additionality?
The additionality criterion means that a project would not have been developed without the additional revenues from the carbon market. Pina Earth carefully examines whether a project is additional and only develops projects where additionality is given. In more details, there are three types of additionality which Pina Earth evaluates:

Legal additionality: At the start of Pina Earth’s projects, the climate project and
planned measures are not prescribed by laws, ordinances, or regulations. Further, the scientifically required adaptation rate of 95,000 ha/year by 2050 will not be achieved via legal frameworks alone.

Financial additionality: The costs of implementing projects on the project areas during the crediting period exceed the income generated by the project implementation.

Carbon additionality: The project generates a real and measurable climate impact, which is above the performance level of standard practice (baseline or “business-as-usual”).
Where are the projects located?
Pina Earth’s projects are currently all located in Germany. First pilot projects are located in Thüringen and Brandenburg.


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