We make our forests future-proof

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Our Mission

Pina Earth protects our forests by quantifying and rewarding sustainable forest management

We are Pina Earth

Dr. Gesa Biermann

Co-Founder & CEO

Florian Fincke

Co-Founder & CTO

Lukas Antesberger

Tech Lead

Leos Paul Bloch

Business Development & Sourcing Lead

Dr. Christine Rzepka

Founder's Associate

Josephine Meissner

Account Executive

Hunter Dunlap

Software Engineer

Patrick Ibron

Forest Consultant

Ronja Wolf

Project Development

Philipp Oettingen - Wallerstein

Project Development

Till Standarski

Sustainability Advisor

Linus Biermann

Software Engineer

Laura Müller

Product Manager

Max Kamperhoff

Founder's Associate

Sarah Meßmer

Founder's Associate

Christoph Brändle

Founder's Associate

Ansgar Erhart

Founder's Associate

Our supporters

Business AngeLs

Gustav Alstromer

Partner @ YC, Climate Investor

Lea-Sophie Cramer

Founder of Amorelie, Investor

Hendrik Langeland

CEO & Founder of Enode (YC S21)

Vlad Lata

CEO & Founder of AVI Medical

Sundeep Ahuja

Partner @ Climate Capital, Founder

Sabine Flechet

Partner @ 4P Capital, Founder

Anselm Bauer-Wohlleb

Founder of Alasco & Stylight

Sebastian Schuon

Founder of Alasco & Stylight

Thomas Bleyer

Head of Corporate Development @ Ravensburger, Investor

Maximilian Wühr

Founder of FINN

Jan Bromberger

Partner @ EUROPE + EARLY, Founder

Xavier Sarras

Partner @ 4P Capital, Founder


The "Pina" project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

Pina Earth is a member of Leaders for Climate Action, a business community committed to climate action.

Pina Earth is a member of the Greentech Alliance, a network of Greentech companies that effectively fight the climate crisis.

Pina Earth is a member of the German Association for Sustainable Business, an independent organisation committed to sustainability.

Our Sustainability Report

At Pina Earth, we want to leave the world a little better than we found it.

We want to contribute to positive change not only through our projects, but also through the way we run our company.

To create more transparency, we measure the impact of our business on people and the planet. This allows us to maximise the positive and minimise the negative.

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