Pina Earth x SÜDVERS: Case Study

Regional Engagement - Global Impact

Regional expertise with global impact. This is the idea that Pina Earth and SÜDVERS have in common. With Pina Earth's climate protection projects, SÜDVERS supports forest adaptation projects that are geared towards regional ecosystems. In this way, SÜDVERS makes an effective contribution to global climate protection.

Sustainable management and an eye on future generations - this is what characterises SÜDVERS as a second-generation family business, also for its customers. SÜDVERS is an international insurance broker, risk manager and financial services provider with a focus on medium-sized, family-owned companies from various sectors. With 19 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is important for SÜDVERS to be close to its customers. At the same time, SÜDVERS has a global network that enables it to provide international key accounts with expert advice on all issues. 

With SÜDVERS FLEET, SÜDVERS also pursues a mobility strategy and supports companies in maintaining a reliable and cost-efficient vehicle fleet. 

"As a family business, we don't think in terms of quarterly figures, we think in terms of generations. That is why our top priority is to plan for the long term so that future generations can also benefit. We offer the security and reliability of German small and medium-sized enterprises, while at the same time driving change. In doing so, we aim to consistently generate added value for our customers and create an attractive working environment for our employees. A contribution to ESG/climate change, sustainable management and social responsibility are the cornerstones of this strategy, alongside the pursuit of long-term, profitable growth." - Ralf Bender, CEO of Südvers

The concept of sustainability can be found in several areas at SÜDVERS. This applies not only to the company's own efforts to pass on a stable family business to the next generation, but also to its relationship with its customers. SÜDVERS also takes sustainability risks into account in financial investment products and advises customers on the advantages and disadvantages of individual products with regard to climate protection. In its own strategy, SÜDVERS pursues the goal of living sustainability in the three areas of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance, not least in order to be an attractive employer for employees.

“We do not see ESG/CSRD as another mandatory compliance requirement, but rather see this topic as a decisive factor for the future in order to differentiate ourselves in the market:

1) Environment: We will continuously reduce our CO2 footprint. The focus will initially be on reducing emissions by optimizing air conditioning and using more energy-efficient technical building equipment in our offices. The increased use of e-mobility is also under review. In addition, we would like to reduce the remaining emissions with offsetting projects such as the Pina Earth initiative.

2) Social responsibility: SÜDVERS supports charitable associations throughout Germany and regularly donates to international and accredited aid organizations. We are committed to equality and diversity. We offer our employees flexible home office options and a variety of sports groups, training and individual internal events. 

3) Governance: SÜDVERS will implement comprehensive governance and compliance guidelines in 2024. This is about audit security, transparency and, above all, conformity with regulatory and legal requirements. For employees, it is about knowing their own area of responsibility and using it in the interests of SÜDVERS on their own responsibility and, if necessary, in coordination with other colleagues.”

- Ralf Bender, CEO of Südvers

The Challenge 

In order to set an example for its customers, SÜDVERS has set itself the long-term goal of gradually reducing the emissions of its buildings and vehicle fleet. However, implementing the measures takes time. In order to prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must act now. For this reason, SÜDVERS is already endeavoring to take responsibility for remaining emissions. 

After the initial calculation of its carbon footprint, SÜDVERS is looking for effective climate protection projects in order to make a contribution to climate protection today.

In addition, the contribution to climate protection projects should also have a positive effect on SÜDVERS' EcoVadis ESG rating. The EcoVadis ESG rating evaluates companies on the basis of their environmental, social and governance practices. It assesses individual company practices in the areas of labor and human rights, ethics, sustainable procurement and the environment. The rating can be improved through individual actions, such as investing in certified carbon protection projects.

“It was essential for us to rule out any greenwashing. That's why we were looking for a reliable partner whose projects bind CO2 in the long term. We also wanted to be able to understand the calculation methodology. Another criterion was a direct contribution to Germany or a direct local contribution. In Pina Earth, we are fortunate to have found an ideal partner that fulfils all these criteria.” - Marcus Gartenleitner, Risk Manager & Controller at Südvers

The Solution

With Pina Earth, SÜDVERS has found a partner that follows the same principle: regionally committed and globally active. With Pina Earth's regional climate protection projects, SÜDVERS makes an effective contribution to climate protection in German forests in order to convert them into climate-resistant mixed forests. In this way, a local contribution is in harmony with global climate protection. 

All climate protection projects developed by Pina Earth are validated by TÜV Nord and can be positively counted towards the EcoVadis rating. 

The long-term, multi-year partnership between Pina Earth and SÜDVERS provides forest owners with a stable source of income to finance climate protection measures. For SÜDVERS, this means secure long-term access to regional climate protection in line with its own values.

“With Pina Earth, we have a partner that fits us perfectly. A modern, meaningful, German company that is operationally implementing one of the most important problems of our time with a win-win approach for everyone involved.

We see three benefits in the partnership:

1. Increased customer loyalty

2. New possibilities in addressing customers

3. Increased employer attractiveness in the war of talents”

- Marcus Gartenleitner, Risk Manager & Controller at Südvers