Pina Earth's Sustainability Report 2023

An overview of Pina Earth's emissions and sustainability initiatives in 2023

Initiating our journey in 2022 with our very first sustainability report, we embraced the opportunity to showcase our commitment and reflect on our accomplishments. This has not only set a visionary path for the future but also led us to significant milestones in 2023, especially in our mission to preserve German forests.

Highlights from 2023: Expanding our Reach and Deepening Impact

The core of our business is the removal of carbon emissions. We do this by offering high-quality carbon credits from local forests in Germany to turn monocultures into climate-resilient mixed forests. Last year we made significant progress. We successfully financed forest adaptation measures covering over 3 million square meters through the sale of carbon credits.

We added two new forest adaptation projects in Brandenburg and Bavaria to our portfolio, bringing our total project area to 1,460 hectares by the end of 2023, which will be transformed into climate resilient forests over the next 30 years.

2023 was also a year of active engagement and partnership. We presented our mission and connected with partners at significant events, including the German Startup Awards, the Forest Climate Conference, the SZ Sustainability Summit, and the Microsoft Sustainability Leader Forum. These platforms allowed us to share our vision and foster collaborations that amplify our impact.

Our Sustainability Practices

Pina Earth is an impact company, driven by the goal to fight climate change. While we enable companies to make an effective climate contribution, we must also be mindful of our own impact. Pina Earth’s 2023 Sustainability Report outlines how we’re driving positive impact throughout our business in four key ways: 

  • Empowering employees and embracing diversity: Our aim is to foster an environment where every voice is heard and valued. Recognizing that diverse backgrounds offer unique perspectives and skills, we see an inclusive and empowered workforce as the foundation of a truly sustainable organization.
  • Working together closely with local forest owners: Evaluating the health of the forest and implementing measures to reduce its climate risk and boost diversity requires deep collaboration with forest owners. This partnership not only elevates awareness about climate change among them but also provides us invaluable feedback to enhance our product.
  • Working together closely with our clients: We actively engage with our clients to build strong relationships and enhance their environmental strategies effectively. Through our new forestry dashboard launched in 2023, we offer detailed project updates and documentation, allowing clients to integrate high-quality carbon credits into their climate contribution portfolio and access information about the project at any time.
  • Operating our business sustainably: We’re committed to keeping our company's carbon footprint as low as possible and reducing it further, wherever possible. 

Outlook 2024

Since our founding in 2021, we have made a climate contribution equivalent to Pina Earth’s carbon footprint every year. Since 2022, we publish yearly our corporate sustainability report, aiming to elevate our transparency, sharing both our achievements and our ambitions. It features milestones, insights on our policies, and data on our emissions and operations. 

Looking ahead to the next year, we're committed to growing our company’s impact without scaling our company’s environmental footprint to an equal degree. The reporting will help us guide our efforts and ensure we remain accountable to the promises we make.

Curious to learn more? Read the full sustainability report here.

Sustainability Report 2023, Pina Earth